How Your Support Helps

Advancing Pediatric Care in our Region
In the spirit of providing access to quality pediatric healthcare for Montana, northern Wyoming and the western Dakotas, we developed St. Vincent Children’s Healthcare to keep families close to home; alleviating the expenses and anxiety of transporting children, while providing immediate care when time is of the essence. Children are not just small adults. They have unique needs requiring specialized services and equipment.

St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation is bringing philanthropic investment to St. Vincent Children’s Healthcare to provide a system of care that will support children 365 days a year.

"The cost of offering specialized pediatric care in a geographic region as large and sparsely populated as the one in which we operate is staggering. This ministry is impossible without philanthropic support."
- Steve Loveless, CEO, St. Vincent Healthcare

Program Highlights

  • October 2008, St. Vincent Healthcare partnered with Children’s Healthcare Network to provide pediatric intensive care and hospital care physicians to support the pediatric specialists already in place. 
  • Leading edge technology to treat specific needs of pediatric patients is procured with $600,000 in funding from the Fortin Foundation of Florida, Inc.
  • Opening of the St. Vincent Children’s Fortin Pediatric Specialty facility in 2012 with funding from Fortin Foundation of Florida, Inc. Several pediatric specialists now care for patients in one facility, including visiting specialists.
  • Telemedicine services expanded, allowing specialists in Billings to support a pediatric case hundreds of miles away.
  • Ongoing medical education and training to remote hospitals and healthcare providers across the region focusing on pediatric medial trauma and diseases.
  • 2014 – Board certified pediatric cardiologist joins Fortin Pediatric Specialty Clinic.
  • 2014 – Board certified anesthesiologist joins Anesthesia Partners.
  • 2016 - Began collaborating with Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital and University of Utah Health Care to provide pediatric subspecialty healthcare services. The goal of this collaboration is to keep pediatric patients and their families close to home.
  • 2017 - Began an extensive remodel project on our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), the only PICU in the state staffed 24/7 by Pediatric Intensivists.

Providing pediatric intensive and specialty care services is a daunting challenge and we remain on the fiscal cliff, diligently seeking resources to meet the needs of the children and families in our region.

These children need us. And we need you!

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