Fortin Pediatric Specialty Clinic

St. Vincent Physicians - Fortin Pediatric Specialty Clinic provides the highest level of care to our smallest and most vulnerable patients. St. Vincent has been caring for the region's children for more than 110 years; we understand the special needs of children and have worked to develop innovative and progressive services to meet those needs. The Fortin Pediatric Specialty Clinic is a hub for visiting board-certified pediatric specialists and subspecialists from around the western United States. Should your child need a specialist, these physicians will maintain in contact with your child's primary pediatrician throughout the course of treatment. This allows children to heal close to home and reduce costs incurred with travel. In addition to the team of traveling physicians, the Fortin Pediatric Specialty Clinic has several doctors on site accepting appointments daily. Click below to read more about our clinics:

Pediatric Cardiology
Andrew Lashus, MD

Pediatric Neurology
Colin Van Orman, MD

Pediatric Critical Care
Menard Barruga, MD
Erin Burns, MD
Richard Salerno, MD

Clinic Information: