What to Expect

Doctors use a variety of tests to diagnose possible cancer and blood disorders in children, teens and young adults. These tests are also often used on an ongoing basis in your childs follow-up care and serve an important role in your childs treatment. Tests include MRI, PET CT scanning, cytogenteic evaluation, multi channel flow cytometry, and conformal radiation therapy. St. Vincent Healthcare also provides cancer and blood disorders care through our Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit, and other services such as interventional radiology and non-invasive surgery when needed. There are times when you may need to be referred to another medical center for additional care. We will help coordinate this visit for you.

As a parent, it is important for you to know that our doctors, nurses and technicians are specially trained to explain these procedures to your child and help him or her feel as comfortable as possible during their tests. It is also important that our equipment is designed to fit the various sizes of the children, teens and young adults we treat. This means our testing is accurate and as comfortable as possible.

At your first visit your child will undergo a detailed history and physical examination. Depending on the circumstances most patients will have blood tests performed. Many will also have x-ray examinations (such as CT scans). If your child has already had x-rays, those will be reviewed at this visit as well as any tissue that has been biopsied. Your physician will review all these results with you and discuss what will happen next to make a final diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. Oftentimes patients are then admitted to the hospital for these additional evaluations. All procedures that are potentially painful such as bone marrows or spinal taps are performed under anesthesia.