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Outreach Pediatrician

Not all children can come to one of our clinics. Fortunately, our clinics can go to them. Hear how Dr. Chamberlin is bringing needed care to outlying communities.

What is Pediatric Outreach?
For some, a trip to the doctor means a full day of travel. Not every child is able to make the trip to our health care facilities, so we conduct a special Outreach service. Our sub-specialists travel to communities and host a clinic for children in need of their specialty.

One of our Primary Care Pediatricians is dedicated entirely to outreach. She spends her days traveling to these outlying communities and provides primary pediatric care to children who otherwise might not get the medical care they need.

Who Will Care For My Child?
Santha M. Chamberlin, MD

How to Contact us:
If you have questions or want to learn more about our Pediatric Outreach Clinics, call (406) 237-5300.

Or visit us at

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