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Pediatric Critical Care

Hear how Dr. Salerno cares for the most critical pediatric cases in the region.

What is Pediatric Critical Care?
When children experience conditions that are life threatening, our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit is there to help. We founded Montana’s first PICU staffed 24/7 by board certified Pediatric Intensivists. That means that no matter the time of day or night, we always have a critical care specialist ready to help your child. Our dedicated PICU staff also utilize electronic records and telemedicine to advise pediatricians throughout the region on the best course of treatment for children in need of critical care.

Who Will Care For My Child?
Dr. Richard Salerno, MD

How to Contact us:
We can be reached via One Call, 1-800-331-0222. Or directly at (406) 236-7450.

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