Kid's Corner

At St. Vincent Children's Healthcare, kids rule! These pages are just for you to learn more about going to the hospital and to have fun.

People at the Hospital
When you're in the hospital, you will meet lots of different people.kidsarespecialimg0087

  • Doctors: In addition to your usual doctor, you may meet several different doctors at the hospital:
    • Pediatric Specialist: This doctor has special training and takes care of certain parts of kid's bodies. For example, a pediatric orthopedic doctor takes care of your bones.
    • Pediatric Intensivist: This doctor takes care of kids who are very sick.
    • Surgeon: This doctor operates and does surgery.
    • Anesthesiologist: This doctor will help you to fall into a deep sleep during an operation and stay asleep until the operation is over.
  • Nurses: Nurses will check on you while you are in the hospital. A nurse will take your temperature, measure your blood pressure with a band around your arm (cuff) that will give your arm a little squeeze, check your pulse with a little clip on your finger or toe and might give you medication.
  • Child Life Specialist: This person will help explain the treatments needed to make you feel better and knows how important it is to play and have fun even in the hospital. This person will help you play in the hospital.
  • Physical Therapist: This person will help you move better.
  • Speech Language Therapist: This person might help you talk or swallow better.
  • Occupational Therapist: This person will help you to do things more easily.
  • Food Services: These workers will bring you meals to your room.
  • Environmental Services: These workers help keep your room clean.

Remember, you can always ask questions of any of these people. They're all here to help you feel better!

Going to the Hospital
pediatricstaffimg0115Sometimes you'll need to go to the hospital because you're hurt, sick or need an operation. The people in the hospital will help you to feel better.

When you first get to the hospital, someone will put a little bracelet on your wrist or ankle. This bracelet has your name on it so that everyone knows who you are. A nurse will check how fast your heart is beating with a machine that clips onto your finger, and will take your temperature with a thermometer, weight on a scale,and your blood pressure with a cuff that goes around your arm and gives it a short tight squeeze.

You may have some tests done like a blood test where a nurse will draw a little bit of blood, or a urine test where you pee in a cup. Sometimes you may need an x-ray or scan which is a special picture of the inside of your body. Sometimes you might have an IV which is a little plastic tube that goes into your hand and is connected by a tube to a bag holding special fluids. This allows your nurse to give you medicine or to control the amount of fluid you receive.

If you need to have an operation, you won't be able to eat or drink anything right before you go. A special doctor called an anesthesiologist will help you fall deeply asleep during the operation with special medicines so you won't feel anything while your doctor operates on you. The people in the operating room will all wear special hats, masks and gloves, and even little booties over their shoes, to keep germs out of the operating room. When you wake up from your operation, you'll be in a special room where nurses can check on you to make sure you're okay. Then you'll be taken to your hospital room.

Your room will have a special bed that has controls to move it up or down, rails on the sides so you don't roll out, TV, and even movies or video games. You'll get to choose your own meals. One of your parents can even spend the night in your room. You can bring special things from home if you want such as a stuffed animal, special blanket, or sometimes even your own PJ's.

Hospital Fun Just for Kids
Test your knowledge: puzzles
Have fun: coloring