Pharmacy Services

Hospital Pharmacy Services:

Our centralized hospital pharmacy provides distribution services and some clinical services to patients throughout the hospital (inpatient, outpatient, and observation) including procedural areas. The main functions of the central pharmacy technicians and pharmacists include:

  • Verification of medication orders
  • IV admixture
  • TPN review and admixture
  • Restocking of automated dispensing cabinets
  • Controlled substance security and control
  • Unit dose cartfill 
  • Tech-check-tech
  • Maintenance of pharmacy inventory
  • Maintenance of anesthesia trays/carts and billing
  • Drug information

Clinical Pharmacy Services:

There are six decentralized pharmacy areas that serve the patients and healthcare providers within the hospital and emergency room. Those areas include: Medicine/Surgical, Critical Care, Pediatrics/Oncology, Emergency Medicine, Acute Pain Management, and Perioperative. The clinical services provided by the decentralized pharmacists include:

  • Pharmacokinetic dosing/monitoring protocols
  • Anticoagulation management
  • Interdisciplinary rounds
  • Patient education
  • Verification of medication orders
  • Drug information consults/Inservices
  • Antimicrobial stewardship
  • Home medication histories 
  • Response to cardiac arrest, trauma, stroke, rescue assessment, and sepsis activations
  • Precepting pharmacy students and residents

Ambulatory Care/Clinic-Based Pharmacy Services:

The pharmacist and medication assistant advocate in our St. Vincent Physician (SVP) network provides ambulatory care services to our primary care and specialty clinics. Those services currently include:

  • Patient Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM visits)
  • Associate Medication Therapy Management (MTM) through SCL Health Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM)
  • Drug Monitoring
  • Regulatory compliance 
  • Drug information
  • Anticoagulation consultation and protocol/competency development
  • Medication financial assistance program
  • Pharmacy representative on SVP committees

Outpatient/Retail Pharmacy Services:

Our outpatient pharmacy fills and dispenses electronic (e-prescribing) and written prescriptions and over-the-counter medications for associates, patients discharged from the hospital and outpatient area, or patients from our St. Vincent Physician Network clinics. Although our normal business hours are Monday – Friday 7 AM – 7:30 PM, we are open 24 hours for emergent needs as well. Our outpatient pharmacy also dispenses emergency after hour prescriptions for specific long-term care facilities.

Cancer Center Pharmacy Services:

The St. Vincent Frontier Cancer Center pharmacy provides pharmacy services to patients at the infusion center and the oncology clinic. The pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are responsible for IV admixture for chemotherapy and other adjuvant therapy medications. They verify the medication orders, maintain the pharmacy inventory, assist with medication billing and patient financial assistance, answer drug information questions from healthcare providers, and also provide oral chemotherapy education to patients.

Awarded the 2015 ASHP Best Practice Award

ASHP Best Practice Award

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