Radiology and Imaging Services

St. Vincent Healthcare offers inpatient and outpatient diagnostic and interventional (minimally invasive radiology) services. Imaging techniques available include x-ray (radiography), state-of-the-art computed tomography (CT), PET-CT, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, digital fluoroscopy, mammography and nuclear medicine.

The radiology department has subspecialty expertise in neuroradiology, musculoskeletal radiology, interventional radiology, pediatric radiology, emergency radiology, breast imaging and nuclear medicine. No matter what kind of imaging test you are having done, you can rest assured knowing you are receiving some of the finest imaging services available anywhere.

All studies are optimized to minimize radiation exposure. All of the examinations are fully digital and can be viewed by physicians in other locations for consultative purposes.

For more information on procedures, visit RadiologyInfo.