Physician Referral - Headway

Physician Referral
The Headway outpatient brain injury rehabilitation program has served over 1300 patients since 1995. There may be some in the Montana medical community who are not yet familiar with our services, and are unaware that Headway is the only coordinated outpatient program for people with mild to severe brain injuries in eastern Montana.

We offer services to those diagnosed with MS, CVA, anoxic and traumatic brain injuries. Most of our patients have recently been diagnosed - but not all. Sometimes those with brain injuries struggle for years before obtaining needed treatment. In order to refer a patient to the Headway program for an initial evaluation (and possible on-going treatment) we require:

  1. A completed "Headway Evaluation and Treatment Referral" form that is signed by an MD, DO, Physician's Assistant, or a Nurse Practitioner that also includes a diagnosis pertaining to the acquired brain injury.
  2. A H&P or other medical documentation (that describes the nature of the injury/condition).
  3. Contact information for the patient, so the Headway case manager can schedule the eight-hour long evaluation (scheduled over a two-day period).

Please note that Medicare does not cover cognitive rehabilitation on an outpatient basis, so please call first to explore possible options. If you have any questions about the Headway outpatient rehabilitation program, please feel free to call 406-238-6440.

Referrals and other information can be mailed or faxed to the contact points below:

Robert Snizek
St. Vincent Outpatient Services
2900 12th Ave N. Suite 10w.
Billings, MT 59101

Or fax: 406-238-6464 attn. Bob