FAQs - Inpatient Rehab

How long is a typical stay in the rehabilitation unit?
Average length of stay is 11 days. This can vary with condition and level of impairment.

What do you accept for payment?
We will work with insurance companies and government programs that will authorize our services. Private insurance needs to be pre-authorized.

What if we don't have insurance?
Those without insurance are responsible for all charges incurred, and upfront payment may be required. In addition, self-pay patients need administrative approval prior to admission. St Vincent Healthcare does offer a financial assistance program for those with limited resources. Click here for our Financial Assistance Policy.

Do you admit from a patient's home?
On occasion we will admit from home. The patient will need to meet medical necessity and require the need for the intensity of the inpatient therapy of 3 hours daily, five days a week, 24 hour nursing care andphysician visits.

Can patients go to a nursing home level of care after inpatient rehab?
Our program is designed to get people to a home level of care or community setting. We do not typically take a discharge planned for a nursing home.

Can family spend the night?
We strongly encourage families to leave in the evening. We are working the patient's independence as part of their recovery. We occasionally have families stay overnight just before discharge for caregiver training. Families of pediatric patients are allowed to stay. We do not provide meals for families but they are welcome to use our cafeteria or enjoy the Subway restaurant located on our campus.

Are there motels or other lodging nearby?
Friends and family have several overnight lodging options located within walking distance of our facility. These include the Hilltop Inn at 406-245-5000 and Rimrock Inn at 406-252-7107. Our case manager can also provide other reasonable options.

Can I tour the unit and/or speak with an admissions coordinator?
Yes; in fact, we encourage you to do so. Families and patients are always contacted before admissions to review and tour the program.

Do patients receive medical care while on rehab?
Yes. They have daily physician visits and specialist may follow on our unit. Nursing care is available 24/7. We need to have patients medically stable with completed work ups and diagnoses in place. We take patients on dialysis; however, we do not accept patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation at this time.

When are visiting hours?
We consider scheduled therapy a priority and would like you to consider that during your visit. We start treatment about 7 a.m. and are generally done by 4:30 p.m. We also do therapy on the weekends. Each patient has his/her own custom schedule.

Do we get transportation to the facility?
Transportation is arranged from the sending facility. Family can transport if medically stable and appropriate. Some insurance policies pay for an ambulance, however we cannot guarantee this.

Further questions about our program can be directed to 406.237.7122.