Neurological Rehabilitation

Parkinson's disease (BIG training)
LVST® BIG Program at St. Vincent Healthcare Outpatient Rehabilitation helps people who have problems with small and slow movements, which affect walking, bed mobility, moving on/off furniture, etc. This research-based program involves the LSVT BIG Certified therapist and person working intensely one-on-one to improve their movement abilities, helping them to maintain and continue with those improvements past the time they are in therapy. This treatment approach was developed working with people with Parkinson's disease. However, this can also help others who have similar movement problems (small and slow movements). You can learn more about the LSVT BIG approach by logging on to

Orofacial pain (OFP)/Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD)
Outpatient Rehabilitation offers Physical Therapy services for the diagnoses of Orofacial Pain (OFP) and/or Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD). The Physical Therapist works closely with your dentist or physician in the evaluation and treatment of acute or chronic facial and/or jaw pain. Symptoms may include pain in the jaw muscles, temporomandibular joint (jaw), limited mouth opening, joint noise and headaches. As a patient, you will undergo a comprehensive physical therapy evaluation of your posture, joint and muscle involvement as well as your daily habits and activities that may play a role in your dysfunction. Information gathered from the patient interview and clinical findings will allow the physical therapist and the patient to select the most appropriate and cost-effective therapies that will allow the patient to return to his/her activities with relief of symptoms and improved overall wellness.