Broadwater - FAQs

How do I reach my doctor when I have questions?

Our office number is 237-5200. Our office hours are 7:30 - 4:30 Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Our receptionists will initially speak with you and will help direct you from there. Please let someone know if the wait is too long so we can continue to work on our system for responding quicker. You may still call after office hours if you feel you have an urgent problem. We have someone available at all times to take those calls. Still use the same office number. Keep in mind your physician will not be in the office everyday of the week so please feel free to ask them what days of the week they are typically in. Someone will always take their calls when they are gone, but you may prefer to try and call for some questions when you know they will be in the office. If you feel you need to be seen urgently, both the Walk-in clinic at Broadwater and St. Vincent Healthcare are available. And always use the Emergency Care at the hospital when you have an emergency or call 911.

How do I get refills on my medications?

We prefer you to ask your pharmacist to contact us for refills. They are able to send a request for exactly what you are already taking so we can confirm you should continue it or not. It really saves on errors in doses, etc. We do require a 48 hour window to respond to those requests during office hours. That means we will not be able to respond during the weekend and holidays so please notify your pharmacist before you are close to running out. You need to be responsible for keeping your medications available. Please also remember in order for us to continue refills on medications we need to see you in the office regularly.

What if I have questions on my bill?

There is a number provided on your bill that you may call. If you have problems paying your bill, please speak with us. St. Vincent Healthcare wants to try and help those in need. We do get lots of questions about insurance not paying for certain types of services provided. It is your responsibility to know ahead of time what your insurance will cover or not cover. Some plans pay for preventative services (like physicals, well woman exams or well child exams) and others will not. We cannot know the details of each plan so please educate yourself about your own. Tell your physician at the start of your visit if your plan will not cover certain type of services so if possible we can work around it. We cannot change after the fact how we code and bill our services. When you do come for a preventative service keep in mind if your physician also reviews your health problems or addresses new problems that are not considered part of the preventative service. There will be a separate charge for the medical problem(s) in addition to the charge for the preventative service.