Surgery Services

Each day, 20-25 patients have surgery at St. Vincent Healthcare - about 8,000 patients a year. The combination of the latest technology and quality care means surgery with less pain, less intrusion and faster recovery than the past. Patients undergoing invasive procedures frequently are no longer required to spend the night before surgery in the hospital due to minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgical techniques. St. Vincent Healthcare offers the daVinci surgical system which provides robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery.

St. Vincent Healthcare's Surgery Plus staff specialize in same-day preparation of patients for their surgery or procedure. Care after the procedure is also provided for those patients undergoing complex outpatient surgery or invasive procedures.

The Yellowstone Surgery Center is a free-standing ambulatory surgery center that combines the latest technology and treatment with comfortable surroundings.

Many of the Surgeons on the Medical Staff at St. Vincent Healthcare are certified by the American Board of Surgery (ABS), an independent, non-profit organization which provides rigorous standards of education, training and knowledge. Surgical specialties include general surgery, orthopedic surgery, urological surgery, gynecological surgery, pediatric surgery, cardiovascular/thoracic surgery, bariatric surgery, neurosurgery, oral/maxillofacial surgery, and plastic reconstructive surgery.

St. Vincent Healthcare's Blood Conservation Program is offered for pediatric or adult patients who do not wish to receive blood or blood products. It is our goal to ensure access to high quality medical care that respects personal and religious convictions.

Surgical procedures are commonly categorized by urgency, type of procedure, body system involved, degree of invasiveness, and special instrumentation:

  • Emergency surgery is surgery which must be done quickly to save life, limb, or functional capacity.
  • Exploratory surgery is performed to aid or confirm a diagnosis.
  • Therapeutic surgery treats a previously diagnosed condition.
  • Reconstructive surgery involves reconstruction of an injured, mutilated, or deformed part of the body.
  • Pediatric surgery is a subspecialty of surgery involving the surgery of fetuses, infants, children, adolescents, and young adults.
  • Weight Loss Surgery, including Lap-Band and gastric bypass surgery, promotes weight loss by restricting food intake and/or interrupting digestive processes.
  • Elective surgery is done to correct a non-life-threatening condition, and is carried out at the patient's request, subject to the surgeon's and the surgical facility's availability.
  • Cosmetic surgery is done to improve the appearance of an otherwise normal structure.

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