Blood Conservation Program

Providing choices in quality blood conservation medical and surgical care.

Equipped with leading medical technology and a caring, highly skilled team, St. Vincent Healthcare offers a special service for those desiring blood conservation techniques in order to avoid blood transfusions. Patient care can be provided without the use of blood transfusions or blood products in many specialties. It is our goal to ensure the entire community access to high quality medical care that respects informed personal choice and involvement in your plan of care.

There are many reasons for choosing blood conservation methods when medically appropriate. Some patients choose the Blood Conservation Program for:

  • Eliminating the risks associated with blood transfusions, such as blood-borne illnesses, hepatitis and HIV infection.
  • Deeply held religious beliefs that may prohibit receiving blood transfusions.

Benefits of Blood Conservation Care:

  • Faster recovery
  • Minimize the risk of blood-borne diseases
  • Reduce stress on immune system
  • Minimize the chance of infections after surgery
  • Preservation of limited national blood supply

Modern Medical Technology Provides Many Blood Conservation Options:
Harmonic Scalpel, Argon Beam Coagulator, Electrocautery, Specialized Anesthesia Techniques, Intra and Post-Operative Blood Salvaging, Laboratory Conservation Techniques, Laparoscopic and Minimally Invasive Surgery, Pharmaceutical Agents, Volume Expanders and Nutritional Support.

Treatment of Minors:
St. Vincent Healthcare is committed to organized treatment of all pediatric patients. Families seeking a level of care for a minor that includes abstaining from blood transfusions should consult with your physician in advance, if possible, for the best plan of care. Your family will receive a variety of services to assist you and your physician in the evaluation and treatment process.

Please be aware that state and federal laws may impose limitations on the ability to withhold or withdraw blood transfusions or blood therapy from minors, particularly in life-threatening situations.

For more information on the Blood Conservation Program:

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