About da Vinci

The da Vinci Surgical System is operated by a surgeon sitting a few feet away from the patient at a console. Using a high-powered camera, the surgeon guides the arms of the robot that holds surgical tools which are inserted into the patient through small, keyhole-sized incisions. The da Vinci's video monitoring system provides a three-dimensional view of the surgery with magnification ten times that of the naked eye.

Extraordinary Movement and Precision
The controls at the console allow the physician to move the robotic "hands" with precision, eliminating the natural tremor of even the steadiest of human hands. Additionally, the robotic arms can rotate 360-degrees, offering the surgeon increased flexibility and range of motion beyond that offered with laparoscopy. This means the surgeon can more easily approach tissues, bones and organs during complicated procedures and has a greater ability to dissect delicate vessels and nerves.

From the safety standpoint, the da Vinci only moves when a number of criteria are met and the surgeon is in complete control. If a problem arises that cannot be managed by the robotic approach, the surgical team is in a position to rapidly and efficiently manage the issue.

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