Olympus Endoscopes
The GI Diagnostic Center uses the newest generation of Olympus endoscopes and processors which feature high-resolution imaging, narrow band imaging, auxiliary water function with flushing pump, and variable stiffness. This provides our patients a successful and thorough exam with excellent optics.
The images of the exam are available immediately following the procedure.

EVOTECH Endoscope Cleaner & Reprocessor
We use the EVOTECH Endoscope Cleaner and Reprocessor, which is the first of its kind. This high tech scope cleaning process automates critical process steps to eliminate user error. Its integrated computerized monitoring allows tracking of all critical cycle parameters. It delivers fresh detergent solutions for each scope cycle and the built in alcohol flush promotes drying and prevents bacterial growth. This system offers both our clinicians and our patients' peace of mind by upholding the highest standards in scope disinfection.

pH & Esophageal Manometry
Our pH and Esophageal Manometry studies are done using Scierra Scientific Equipment. The Accutrac pH-Z provides a new level of diagnostic accuracy in pH-impedence monitoring. The ManoScan 360 is advanced diagnostic technology that is setting the industry standard in high-resolution pressure imaging.