Before Surgery

The first step in the bariatric surgery program is to attend one of our free informational seminars.

The seminars are offered once a month at our office. You may also attend a seminar via teleconference at selected locations.

Surgical Evaluation and Pre-op Preparation
After attending the surgical seminar and determining your insurance coverage, the next step is to meet the Bariatric Team by scheduling an appointment at Weight Management for your surgical evaluation. This includes an examination by the physician, comprehensive laboratory work and ECG, a meeting with our bariatric nurse coordinator and registered dietician. During this first visit we will discuss with you the other necessary steps that will prepare you for the surgical process. We also require you attend a minimum of two weight loss surgery support group meetings and one surgery education class, both are offered at Weight Management.

Schedule Surgery
Surgery is a tool in your weight loss program. The goal of Weight Management is to help you learn the skills needed to use your surgical tool in order to ensure success after your bariatric surgery. Once all of the pre-operative steps have been completed and insurance approval has been received, you will then be scheduled for an initial visit with the surgeon. It is at that appointment that you and your surgeon will determine a surgery date.

We do our best to make your experience during pre-operative preparation, surgery, hospitalization and aftercare go as smoothly as possible. Please let us know how we may further assist you on your journey to a healthier and more active life.