FAQs About Weight Management Surgery

How do I get started in the surgery program?

The first step involves attending a free informational seminar at the clinic in Billings or at one of our teleconferencing sites. You may call (406-237-4580) the clinic to register or may do so online.

How long will it be before I can have my surgery?

The time frame is variable depending upon how much time it takes you to complete the pre-surgery steps, as well as your particular insurance requirements. On average, it can be from 6-12 weeks.

Will you tell me which type of surgery I should have?

Which bariatric procedure to have is ultimately up to you. We will offer our advice based upon your medical and weight history, and discuss the pros and cons of each procedure with you.

How many support groups do you offer?

At the clinic in Billings, we offer 3 support groups per month, and can give you information about support groups in the surrounding areas.

What will be my bariatric surgery cost?

The cost of the surgery will be dependent upon which procedure you have done, your insurance coverage and what, if any, assistance you receive. We will review all of that with you at the seminar and your first visit.

I want to lose about 15 pounds. Can I still be seen at the WMC?

Absolutely! We are here to assist you in reaching your healthy weight with our medically supervised non-surgical program.

What type of a diet will you put me on?

Actually, we will not put you on a diet, as a diet is something you eventually stop. We will help you develop healthier eating habits and modify your lifestyle so that you will be able to maintain your new weight.

Do you prescribe diet pills?

We do use prescription appetite suppressants in conjunction with a healthy eating plan for those patients that wish to use them and when it is medically indicated.

Do I have to exercise?

Increased physical activity is an important part of the weight loss equation whether you are losing your weight medically or surgically and is something we recommend.

Do you offer any type of a maintenance program?

Yes, maintenance is important in helping you to stay on track in manage and maintain your new weight.