Non-Surgical Weight Management

Medical Weight Loss
Weight Management offers a comprehensive non-surgical weight loss program to help people who want to lose as little as 10 pounds or those who want to lose 200 or more. We understand bariatric surgery is not for everyone. Using a combination of medication, nutrition and education, we provide a safe, effective weight loss and maintenance program designed specifically to meet your needs.

Medication for Weight Loss
There are several medications available for the treatment of obesity. These medications are not miracle drugs nor do they offer a cure; they are good tools and are only one part of the treatment plan.

Phentermine (Adipex, Fastin) Tenuate and Orlistat (Xenical) are the most commonly used. Phentermine and Tenuate are appetite suppressants targeting the chemicals in the brain that are involved with hunger and feeling full. Side effects can include dry mouth and blood pressure changes. Xenical works in the GI tract to block about 30% of the fat content in a meal from being absorbed. Side effects can include diarrhea and increased gas.

Which medication you take, if any, will depend on your history and medical exam; this is something you and your doctor will discuss. Because obesity is a chronic disease, people with obesity may benefit by the long-term use of medication. As with any drug (including an aspirin) the benefit of the use should exceed the risk. On-going medical monitoring of your medication is required as it is with any other chronic condition.

Nutritional Supplements
Weight Management carries many different nutritional supplements that you may choose to incorporate into your eating plan. These products offer you good nutrition, a high quality protein and lower calories. You may use them as meal replacements, between meals as a snack, or both.

Lifestyle Changes
Effective treatment for obesity involves lifestyle changes. This is not a diet that has a beginning and an end. Instead, we emphasize eating in a healthy manner and in a way that promotes weight loss and eventually weight maintenance. Developing the exercise habit is also encouraged.

We appreciate the courage that is involved in taking this step towards a healthier lifestyle. Feel free to ask questions at anytime. We are committed to treating you with respect and consideration and will support your efforts towards improved health.