Weight Management Programs

At St. Vincent, both our surgical and non-surgical weight loss programs have been developed with you in mind and customized to ensure your success. In collaboration with surgeons and certified weight loss specialists, our expert staff works with you on your weight loss journey to achieve a long-term healthy weight.

Ultimately, the goal in losing weight is to improve your health and to decrease or eliminate the health problems associated with obesity. This can be achieved with moderate weight loss and lifestyle changes.

We offer three distinct weight management programs based on your previous history and weight loss goals. Learn more about each program and your eligibility for each by clicking the links below:

  • Surgical Weight Management, which includes the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, and gastric sleeve surgery.
  • Non-Surgical Weight Management, introducing Medical, Nutritional and Lifestyle changes designed for more gradual weight loss.
  • Pediatric Weight Management – St. Vincent adheres to the SHAPEDOWN® method, the most successful child and adolescent weight loss program in the country.
  • Back On Track Course - This six-week course for surgical weight loss patients is designed to bring your goals back into focus and kickstart your weight loss plan.