Dana's Story

"A blessing," that's how Dana Bishop describes the results of having had gastric bypass surgery, or surgery for weight loss, in 2005. Ask him what the best part of having had the surgery is and he says "the way I feel every day!" He has energy, can tie his shoes with no problem, can buy clothes anywhere and doesn't worry about fitting into chairs, booths and airline seats. "All the things people of normal weight take for granted," said Bishop.

In 2005 Dana topped the scales at 375 or more pounds; although, he wasn't sure because the scales in the doctor's office stopped at 350. Today the 5' 9" Bishop weights 162 pounds, and has gone from a 56" to a 34" pant size.

When Bishop's orthopedic surgeon, Dean Sukin, MD, of OrthoMontana, told him he needed to take drastic action to help the rapidly worsening arthritis in his knee, Bishop attended a Gastric Bypass Seminar offered by the Weight Management Clinic at St. Vincent Healthcare. After thinking "long and hard" about having the procedure, on January 17, 2005 Denny Maier, MD, of Surgical Associates, performed Bishop's surgery and Bishop never looked back. "I lost weight pretty fast. I can't tell you how awesome it is to see the scales come down, down, down," Bishop said.

Bishop started to gain weight in his late teens, saying "it was a downhill slide; a nightmare. I couldn't stop gaining weight." Today, Bishop's hypertension is gone, the arthritis in his knee has stabilized and he is active and happy, walking 18 holes of golf, coaching wrestling and refereeing 6 man football. That means a lot of running, something he couldn't do before.

Gastric bypass patients get coaching, medical care and encouragement from the Weight Management Clinic, home of the gastric bypass program. "They had everything I needed; emotional and physical support, and I learned how to eat...it's all about portion control," he said. 

So what does a man do after losing 213 pounds? He buys kayaks for himself and his wife. "It was something I always wanted to do, but I couldn't fit before. Now I can."

Does Bishop recommend gastric bypass surgery? "Oh my, yes! It works!"

* Results may vary from patient to patient. These results were achieved by adhering to a medically supervised diet and regular exercise program in addition to the procedure noted.