Personal Assessment

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

At St. Vincent Healthcare-Weight Management, we take the same approach to weight management. We believe that this is a journey, not a one-time fix. That’s why we teach you how to use the tools and assessments that help you make healthy decisions everyday and stay on track.

The tools below support our holistic approach to health – teaching you to care for your mind, body and spirit – and also provide concrete information that you need to assess your progress during weight loss.

Quizzes & Tools
Health & Fitness Calculators
As you begin a new, healthy lifestyle, there is a lot of information to learn and process. We’ve selected the following calculators to help you determine your body composition, how many calories you burn during various activities and how strenuously you should be exercising. If you have additional questions, please talk to your physician. Click the links to learn more:

Lifestyle Assessments and Quizzes
In the journey to get to your healthy weight, it’s crucial to understand your current health status. The assessments below help you see what you are doing now and what you need to change to improve your health. This is a great resource to jump-start new habits that will support your weight management journey and contribute to your success:

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