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Bariatric & General Surgeons

As a general surgeon, Dr. Kathryn Hatch assists many patients with many types of medical conditions. But for her, one of the best things about being a surgeon is performing bariatric, or weight loss, procedures.

Dr. Hatch notes that many patients have struggled with weight for a lifetime and are affected by it in both major and minor ways.

"It may directly affect their job choices or ability to work and lead to missed work for medical visits," she says. "It can make daily activities - even small ones like getting in and out of cars, or finding clothes that fit or chasing grandkids around difficult or nearly impossible."

Seeing the results of operation is important to Dr. Hatch. These include better health, more self-confidence and even expanded life options. It's also one of the reasons she believes so strongly in the team approach taken by the Weight Management Center and surgical teams.

"Patients and families must be educated prior to surgery and followed closely thereafter to make the most of their operation," she says. “I'm proud to be part of the program that has such a commitment to our patients and am pleased to get to see what a wonderful impact lasting weight loss can have on their health and their lives."

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