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Medical Director

Dr. Baskett's undergraduate studies included health education, fitness and nutrition. When she began seeing patients as a new physician, she focused on disease prevention and wellness. Bariatric medicine, the specialty that deals with weight management, was a natural progression for her.

“I worked with a more senior physician who believed in treating obesity and saw it as a disease,” she reflects. “He taught me a great deal, including how to care for my patients with empathy and respect.”

Today as the medical director of St. Vincent Healthcare-Weight Management, Dr. Baskett works with patients as they begin to make positive lifestyle changes and become healthier. She welcomes the opportunity to share in the joys that patients experience as well as to offer support and encouragement as needed. She reminds them that weight loss is a journey, that small changes can make a significant difference over time and that a lack of weight gain is a success.

“No one on our team see people just as being obese. We see people who are dealing with a chronic and complex disease who have hopes and dreams and struggles.”

Dr. Baskett particularly loves hearing people talk about how much their lives have changed following weight loss. She frequently hears that they have been able to reduce or eliminate medicines for diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure that have resolved as a result of losing weight. Most importantly, she loves hearing how relationships have improved and how they have more belief in themselves.

“I have seen what a difference even a small weight loss can make in someone’s health, attitude and outlook, she says. It is a privilege and honor to be able to help them.”