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Dr. Molloy isn't the first doctor in his family with a passion for women's health. Growing up, his father was a family physician who particularly loved the positivity inherent to obstetrics care. Now experiencing it for himself, Dr. Molloy is inspired by the upbeat nature of this practice every day.

He specializes in general obstetrics, collaborative high-risk obstetrics, pelvic prolapse and incontinence, and well-woman care. Even within the most specialized fields of women's health, Dr. Molloy knows that no two patients or families are ever alike. In his words: "It never gets old or boring because of the uniqueness of each patient's situation."

With every patient, Dr. Molloy takes a very personal approach to care by educating them on the topics and choices most relevant to their health and family. In this way, he can help each patient make the most educated decisions. He explains, "I try to emphasize the strengths and resources each woman has to handle their unique circumstances, always trying to be both positive and realistic."

However, he knows decisions aren't always easy. "I am continuously impressed by how women deal with the situations they face, with themselves and with their families," he says. This empathy and dedication to the best care is why he makes every effort to support patients with the specific resources they need, whether it comes from him or from someone else on his team. "The longer I do this, the more I realize how much we all rely on others — receptionists, technicians, patient care aids, nurses, allied healthcare providers, and other colleagues — to provide the best care to our patients. Everyone is essential!"

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