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Dianne — or Di, as she prefers — is an independent spirit. She says her “I can do it myself” mentality is what motivated her to get her Nurse Practitioner Licensing, and what drives her to keep learning and growing.

For 27 years, she has dedicated her work to helping women make smart, independent choices about their bodies, their health and their overall lives. She says, “My education concentrated on the holistic approach to healthcare, including the spiritual, physical and psychological aspect of humans. It is this approach that I take in my care today, educating women about how they can be their best. This frequently includes conversations on marriage, family planning, religion, exercise and nutrition, not to mention common physical complaints that I receive from women.”

As Di likes to reminds her patients, our bodies are the only ones we have. They must last a lifetime, and every choice we make matters. Di emphasizes this especially with her adolescent patients: “One little choice they make can impact not only themselves but their family and friends. We must be very careful with our bodies, because there are no returns, no refunds.”

The choices we make aren’t always easy, so she means it as encouragement — encouragement for women to take pride in their overall health, and to feel empowered to make the choices that they know are best for them. “Patients can tell when we are happy and enthusiastic to help them, not by making decisions for them, but by getting to know them and educating them so they can make the decision that benefits them the most. It is very easy to get wrapped up in regulations and policies, which are important to provide quality, safe healthcare, but there is nothing more important than truly caring for an individual.”

She finds inspiration for this empowered and uplifted spirit from the Special Olympics athletes she coaches, who don’t let their limitations stop them from achieving greatness. She also finds inspiration in her mother-in-law, whose never-ending optimism is a shining example of how the simple choices we make can improve our daily lives. Di explains how choosing a positive outlook turned a difficult experience into a rewarding one: “My mother-in-law, to whom I donated a kidney, never complained even with her dialysis and umpteen medications and appointments. She looked at these events as opportunities to meet and visit with people, and make new friends. I try to approach my day with the same optimistic approach that she had.”

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