Classes & Events

At St. Vincent Healthcare, we begin caring for your family well before delivery.  From our “Getting Ready For Baby” prenatal classes to the first breath of your newborn, to your baby’s first weeks at home, we’re here to support you through the many physical and emotional adjustments of becoming a parent. 

Getting Ready for Baby Classes
We encourage you, along with the baby’s father or support person, to attend these free classes early in pregnancy.  Attend each of the weekly classes or choose only those of special interest to you.  Classes are held Monday evenings from 7-9 PM in Mansfield Health Education Center, Burns Auditorium, 2900 12th Avenue North.  To register, or for more information on these classes call (406) 237-3348.  Click here to view the list of dates.
Mother Newborn Tours
Free tours of the newly remodeled Mother Newborn Unit are offered on an individual basis.  To register for tour, please call (406) 237-7087. 
New Baby Camp For Big Brothers And Big Sisters
Help children prepare for the arrival of a new brother or sister at this free camp. Learn what a new baby looks like, how to become a “big helper”, and how to make friends with baby. To pre-register, call (406) 237-3348. Click here to view the list of dates.
Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Consultation and Incontinence Therapy
Stay strong and healthy before and after pregnancy. Consult with an exercise physiologist on strengthening and aerobic conditioning. Experiencing involuntary urine leakage? Our physical therapists are specialty trained in incontinence therapies.
Call (406) 238-6400
New Parent Classes
Call (406) 237-3348 to register.

Natural Family Planning
Mansfield Health Education Center
Join Daphne Sutton and learn ways to plan your family naturally through the Creighton Method of Fertility Awareness. Class is free.

Lamaze in the 21st Century
Mansfield Health Education Center
You have taken the first steps to having the best pregnancy, birth and early parenting experiences! Lamaze is no longer just about breathing; it is about taking the mystery out of childbirth and giving you the confidence to labor your way. In this fun and interactive class you will learn “The 6 Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices” that are supported by research that examine the benefits and risks of maternity care practices. These practices represent the best things you can do to ensure positive, healthy birth outcomes for both you and your baby.
Class fee: This class is free 
Learn more about the dates this class is offered.

Free Car Seat Safety Check
Second Saturday of each month, 10am-2pm
American Medical Response, 711 4th Ave N
Eight out of ten kids in safety seats are not buckled up properly. Have our trained technicians teach you how to ensure that your child rides safely.

Infant Massage
Mansfield Health Education Center
Join Melissa Wells, Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) COTA/L, to gain greater knowledge and understanding of your baby through massage. The class is structured and run by the babies - feeding, diapering and crying welcome! Bring a mat or blanket for your baby. Fee is $30, which will include a complete Infant Massage guidebook with pictures and parent-friendly format, as well as handouts for development and play ideas. 
Baby/Toddler Sign Language
Mansfield Health Education Center
Learn how signing can strengthen your parent/child bond, increase your child’s self-esteem, create calmness in your home and help your child develop a larger vocabulary. Ideal ages: 6 months to 2 years old. Fee is $30, which will include Baby Sign Dictionary and Baby Sign Journal. To register, or for more information on these classes call (406) 237-3348.  Click here to view the list of dates.