Mother Newborn Care

Expecting? Expect the Best!

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You want the best for your baby. And so do we. At St. Vincent Healthcare, we begin caring for your family well before delivery and continue after you bring your baby home. From your first "Getting Ready for Baby" class to your baby's first days at home, our Mother Newborn team is here for your and your baby.

Getting ready for a new baby

Special free classes and tours are available for expectant parents and families. Call 237-3950 for a class schedule or more information:

  • Getting Ready for Baby Classes
  • Mother Newborn Care Tours
  • Boot Camp for New Dads
  • Sibling Camp - New Baby Camp for Big Brother and Sisters
  • Lamaze in the 21st Century

Having your baby with us

We have been delivering babies for over 100 years. By choosing to have your baby with us, you are taking advantage of that time, dedication and experience. At St. Vincent Healthcare, babies are born in a private labor, delivery and recovery room designed to provide critical care technology for both mother and infant in a homelike setting. Special services and care include:

  • Pain management
  • Cesarean deliveries
  • Your baby's first exam
  • Family and friends special waiting room

Mother Newborn Care

After your baby is born, you, your baby and partner will have a fresh, private room for the remainder of your stay. You will have your first family experience in a lovely room that's all yours, and enjoy the comfort and peace of mind knowing that you and your baby are being cared for by experienced, loving nurses and staff.

  • Your baby can stay in your room with you or, when you need a rest, in the fully staffed nursery - you decide
  • Families and friends are welcome
  • Partners can spend the night in your room
  • Your room has a private bathroom and cable TV including the teaching channel for new parents
  • Help with breastfeeding is available
  • Infant security is a top priority
  • Room service

Special care for babies at risk

Our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit specializes in treating premature infants. The 20-bed NICU is under the direction of Neonatologists Alison Rentz, MD, Jeffrey Carroll, MD, Kari Barrett, MD and Kristi Washburn Tolsma, MD.

Emergency Transport

Our Obstetric and Neonatal Transport Teams are on call 24 hours a day to meet the needs of patients in eastern Montana and northern Wyoming. Patients are flown in either the HELP Helicopter or the fixed-wing aircraft.

Rooms for special needs

Rooms are set aside for women experiencing difficulties in their pregnancies who require bed rest until their babies are delivered. The Family Stay Room is a cozy, homelike room for parents who need to spend the night close to their baby in the NICU.

When your baby goes home

Special classes and services are available for new babies and their families after they go home. These include: