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Mommy Brain Stage

Follow Rebecca's Journey as she blogs the journey of the latest addition to the Baumgardner family.

I have never written a blog before so this is a new adventure for me. The great news is that the blog is about something I know well, so it can't possibly be that, bad right? But as the baby has a fist under my rib and a foot in another far region, I sit here wondering if that pressure I am feeling on my bladder is the real thing or just my little boy playing with his first squeeze toy.

I first want to thank you for taking this little journey with me for the last few months of this glorious pregnancy! The thing I like most about the blog idea is that I had really wonderful intentions of keeping track of all of the pregnancy milestones so that I could thoughtfully look back and one day say to my son "look how far we've come!" or maybe even "look at what you did to me!" However, even though I had great intentions, I just haven't been able to get around to it.

My first excuse was that I didn’t want the kids to find the journal, since I didn’t tell them were expecting until after the first trimester, but truth be told; the pages of my pregnancy journal still remain unloved.  It may have something to do with the fact that I am a full time student, I work part time at a daycare and I am a mom, wife, friend and sometimes self-appointed counselor, not to mention cupcake baker (which is what I am blaming all this baby weight on that isn’t really ALL baby weight!).

Today is a new day though, a fresh start and from here on out, I will detail, with love, the rest of this amazing journey with my little man in utero.  To catch us all up a little on the last six months, I had the typical morning sickness, first trimester fear of losing the baby, the excitement and anxiety of sharing our news, the edge of the seat moment awaiting to hear my baby’s heartbeat, the day after day wait for his first kick (and then second guessing if I was feeling movement or gas), finding out if we were having a boy or girl, ridiculous cravings that sent my dear hubby to the store late at night and the need to sleep, sleep, sleep.  If that sounds like a lot, let’s not forget to add the countless hours spent combing every baby website and pregnancy ‘how to’ books (this is my third pregnancy and I still couldn’t help myself!), the emotional rollercoaster, the issues with body image, unforgiving maternity clothes, constipation and one great perk that is absolutely necessary to note:  the unfortunate fact (for my boys) that I can no longer change the cat litter. 

So where am I now that it is my 27th week of pregnancy?  I am going to call this the “Mommy Brain Stage”; basically, a time when you forget even the simplest of things, such as pronouns.  You know, words like “the”.  I even sometimes forget my own children’s names.  I am not sure what is happening up there in my head but I am going to feel better about my absent mindedness and say that maybe it is because my little baby boy needs every ounce of brain power I have in order to grow his own.  I think that sounds pretty good. 

To help illustrate what is really going on, a few weeks ago, I was doing the holiday shopping with our 2 year old, Rafe.  After about an hour in the store, we ventured back out into the cold, only to notice that I had misplaced my car keys.  I was a little frantic because not only was I tired and found myself having to go potty (again!) but I had to pick up my stepson Marshall from an early out day at school in ten minutes.  I say to my toddler  “Oh Rafe, mommy can’t find her keys sweetie.  I know it is cold, but I need you to be a big boy and hold on… we will find them”.  As I dumped out my purse and rifled through the shopping bags, Rafe says to me “Mommy, keys in car”.  I reply “Thanks for your help – you are being a big boy, but Mommy didn’t leave them there”.  As I am packing him back into the shopping cart to look in the store, he says it again “Mommy, keys in car”.  To entertain him, I open the door and say, “Look sweetie… there are no keys in here” only to find them in the ignition with the car running.  Yes, that’s right, they were in the car that had been running for an hour.  After finding myself in utter disbelief and shock, I proceed home only to forget to pick my stepson up from school.  I have also lost my wallet, only to resurrect it from the refrigerator.  I specifically placed it there beside the pickles. 

So now, what is a girl to do?  I am hoping that this will soon disappear, like some of my odd cravings have, but I am wondering if this stage might stick around for the long haul.  At least I can’t forget the baby… yet!  The saving grace is that even though I am incredibly forgetful, I have happily hit the “Nesting Stage” as well, which delights my family.  Well… not exactly.  I have an insane propensity to organize, clean, throw away and buy new things.  (Which equates to all of the boys helping me) and… I am not just talking for the baby.  It is absolutely essential that we buy things like new drinking glasses and pots and pans. 

I realize that each and every pregnancy is different, but there really are times when I think my mind has left me.  Has this happened to anyone you know or even better, how are you dealing with it? 

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