Welcoming Family & Friends to SVH NICU

Your presence is important to your baby, and as parents you may visit your baby at the St. Vincent Healthcare NICU any time, day or night. Grandparents are also welcome to visit, with your approval, at any time.
Other adult family members and friends may visit only when accompanied by a parent. We ask that you limit visitors to three at a time at the bedside. This limit is important in helping provide a quiet and healing environment.
Siblings are welcome to visit and see their new baby brother or sister. If they are 2 years of age or younger, the staff will help by asking you if your child visiting has any recent illness or exposure to illness.
It is often difficult for young siblings to remain quiet at the bedside, and for this reason, we recommend the younger siblings visit in intervals. If you need help with childcare, please ask to speak to the St. Vincent Healthcare NICU Care Manager.
If there is someone locally you would like to have visit your child and you cannot be here to accompany them because you live out of the area, please let us know your guest’s name so we may honor your wishes in this regard.
Cell phone use is not conducive to the quiet environment created for the developmental needs of the babies in our care.  Cell phones must be turned off or set to vibrate, before entering the NICU.  If you need to talk on the cell phone please do so outside the unit.