Special Precautions for All Visitors

Hand washing is required upon entering the NICU
Because newborn/premature babies cannot fight infections, we ask that you take special precautions to protect them from exposure to illnesses. Please wash your hands carefully before entering the nursery. Good hand washing has proven to be the most important factor in preventing the spread of infection. This includes a two-minute scrub up to the elbows with soap and water.  Hand washing instructions are posted above the NICU sink outside the nursery entrance. 
As a further precaution, we ask visitors to ‘gel in’ and ‘gel out’ each time you leave and return to the bedside.  Alcohol gel is available at your baby’s bedside for this use.  Cover gowns, located at the door immediately after you enter the nursery, are provided for your use.  They should be worn by anyone holding your baby.
If you, the parent, are feeling ill or have a cold, fever, sore throat, cold sore or draining wound, please tell your baby’s nurse or doctor. They can inform you about special precautions to take to avoid infecting your baby. If a child or visitor has a cold, flu or other infection, or recently exposed to an illness (i.e., chickenpox or other viruses) they may not come into the NICU.  
Privacy While in the St. Vincent Healthcare NICU
To protect the confidentiality of our patients and families, we ask that you stay at your baby’s bedside, and not ask about other babies in the nursery when you visit. We wish to be respectful and maintain the privacy of all of our babies and families.
To provide additional privacy and safety to your baby and to you, you will be given a Passcode.  This Passcode will be used for telephone identity in order to receive information about your baby.  Information will only be given to those who have the Passcode.  As a parent you have the right to give the Passcode to those whom you want to receive telephone information about your baby. 
Security while in St. Vincent Healthcare NICU
We have a ‘parent ID badge’ that is provided at the time of admission for entering our St. Vincent Healthcare NICU. The parent ID badge is a safety measure that ensures a secure environment to provide safety for our babies.
Once your baby is moved from the NICU to a ‘family care room’, to ‘room-in’ prior to discharge, your baby will have a security band placed on his or her leg as an additional safety measure as part of our Abduction Security policy.  Our nursing staff will provide information at that time about the security band.