Staying Informed

Call Us
You are welcome to call the SVH NICU at any time for daily information about your baby’s progress. The local phone number is (406) 237-7076. You may ask for your baby’s nurse to help you at anytime.  Parents living out of town may utilize our toll-free number, 800-522-2442 to obtain information about their baby.

Family Centered Care
As part of our family centered care we encourage families to be part of the care and daily planning. We offer several opportunities for our families to participate in discussions about the on-going care their babies are receiving: 
Hourly Rounding by Nursing Staff: Every hour/every day
Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds - 10 a.m., M-W-F
A discussion with all of the NICU team members about your baby’s care.
Bedside Report - 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., 7 days a week
A sharing of information among the NICU nursing staff directly caring for your baby at the change of shift about your baby’s care.
Family Conference - on request, any day
A more formal report by your physician and our NICU staff to update you about your baby’s medical needs and to answer your questions.
Physician - on request, any day
One-on–one conversation with a neonatologist in person or by phone to discuss your baby’s medical status.
Although the above times are available for you to meet with the NICU team that cares for your baby, you may request to speak with your nurse or physician about your babies care at any time.

The Nicview Webcam allows you to view your baby anytime.  Click here to learn more.