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Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Maternal-Fetal Medicine/Perinatology
Women who seek the services of a Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist often do so because they are pregnant or are thinking about becoming pregnant, and are considered “high risk” due age, complications in a previous pregnancy or other health concerns relating to themselves or their baby. Also called perinatologists, Maternal-Fetal Medicine experts may provide direct care to patients or may instead consult with OB/GYNs, Family Medicine physicians and Certified Nurse Midwives.

For those who may be at greater risk for difficulties during pregnancy, visiting with a Maternal-Fetal Medicine physician may help to reduce concerns and calm fears.  The other primary reasons women see a Maternal-Fetal Medicine physician include:

Diagnostic or therapeutic procedures during pregnancy such as:

  • Comprehensive ultrasound evaluation
  • Prenatal screening or testing of the baby, including amniocentesis
  • Treatment of the fetus or interventions prior to delivery
  • Intensive fetal monitoring

Medical and/or surgical disorders, such as:

Increased risk for adverse pregnancy outcome, such as:    

  • Abnormal blood testing or fetal screening testing
  • Multiple births (twins, triplets, etc.)
  • Previous or recurrent pre-term labor and delivery
  • Premature rupture of membranes
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss
  • Suspected fetal growth restriction (baby not growing enough)
  • Known or suspected fetal abnormality, or birth defect